Founded by Aliza in April 2021, after a year of her arrival in Canada from Bangladesh, Heavenly Plants Limited is a Boutique Indoor Plants Shop in Regina, Saskatchewan. It was started as a small home-based online shop under the name Heavenly Plants Limited during the pandemic. However, because of the overwhelming response received from the plant lovers in Regina, Aliza soon launched her first store at Centennial Market in June 2021; Later, in May 2022, she introduced the second store at the Cornwall Centre, the heart of Regina Downtown.

At Heavenly Plants Limited, Aliza with her shop buddies offers a range of products and services such as house plants, rare house plants, unique planters, plant necessities, plant accessories, small gifts, home décor like fountains, etc. Aliza envisions making Heavenly Plants Limited a one-stop plant shop where plant lovers can find their desired plants for their home, office or even provide gifts to their friends. The ambition is not to make Heavenly Plants Limited just a place where people can buy new plants, but to help them along the way in their journey with plants. Aliza is confident that with her experienced staff, knowledge, and expertise in planting, she will be able to help her customers to reach their desired goals.